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Dear Mr. Fabio Giannetti ,
please find enclosed a descriptive list of the transactions you have made on your lifestyle account during the stated period. As you can see, we have improved the service we are providing with this account by providing a more intuitive layout, more relevant detail, and by offering access to your account details through a number of alternative access mediums e.g. web, ... (please contact us at for more details).
Statements on your account number: 8326492
Date Description Operation Amount
20/Jun/2001 Balance carried forward balance 250
21/Jun/2001 Tax refund deposit 10
25/Jun/2001 Telephone Bill withdraw 15
28/Jun/2001 Wage deposit 100
03/Jul/2001 Superstore withdraw 5
03/Jul/2001 Balance carried out balance 340
If you have any comments regarding the new format and service, please direct them in the first instance to
Yours truly,