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What is FOA ?

FOA is the world's first XSL-FO Authoring tool. It is a Java application that gives users a graphical interface to author XSL-FO stylesheets. With FOA you can generate pages, page sequences and fill them with content provided into one or more XML files. FOA will generate the XSLT stylesheet that transforms the XML content into an XSL-FO document. FOA is compatible with WH2FO so you can author more quickly you documents. From FOA GUI is also possible to invoke an XSLT processor and an XSL-FO renderer, so you can see how the document looks like.

How does it work?

FOA can only open XSL files created by WH2FO or by itself

Interactive Preview using a customized Rendering Engine


Work with WH2FO files

FOA can open the XSLT files created by WH2FO (only from version 0.1.9 or greater). FOA will automatically open all the related files (XML content and XSL Attributes), giving users the opportunity to modify the style (Attributes) and/or the Bricks (translation elements). It will also be possible to import new Attribute files, generate one and import new XML content. In this way, WH2FO provides a kick start to generate content to author and provides a fast way to build libraries of styles ready to be used for all your projects.


The current FOA version does not support table of content, so WH2FO transformed documents which contain table of content are incompatible with FOA

Interaction between FOA and WH2FO